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Our Story

Since 2020, Mr. Moaaz Abdelhamid has founded East World, in the bases of dealing with clients as partners, by helping them to optimize their systems and generating a long term business relationship.
East World started its journey by representing the Spanish Company MAPNER in Egypt, and now, after 3 years of hardworking, East World becomes one of the most important Service Providers for Roots blowers applications in Egypt.
In 2023, East World becomes the Agent of DMN Westinghouse, and focussed its business towards pneumatic conveying applications for bulk materials.
Finally, East World completed it's company profile by representing the Indian Company, Scorpio Engineering, whose specializing in system integration for Bulk Material Handling Systems, they have supplied more than 2000 systems around the world.

About Us

We in East World are seeking to provide you with the best scientific and well-engineered solutions, considering the best optimization of your scope triangle.
We have a well-trained and experienced staff that holds a deep understanding of our scope of business. 
We are always looking for customers satisfaction and our business was established on the basis of the promotion of our client's goals.



System Component

Production lines

After Sales

We offer a wide range of services for our customers, starting from providing system component, Design and Implementation of  complete production lines ending with providing a reliable after sales for our scope of business


MAPNER has been producing industrial blowers and compressors for pressure and vacuum generation for over 85 years, it has been exporting for more than 35 years and presented in more than 30 countries around the world.


DMN-WESTINGHOUSE has been designing and manufacturing rotary valves, diverter valves and other related components for the dry bulk solids handling industry for many years.

DMN-WESTINGHOUSE offers tailor-made solutions to the global food, dairy, plastics, (petro)chemical, pharmaceutical, mineral, power and biomass industries. 

DMN Westinghouse

Scorpio Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is an engineering and manufacturing company specializing in bulk material handling systems, Scorpio began as a specialist pneumatic conveying company. Over the years, the company has diversified and grown to cover all aspects of dry bulk material handling for every industry handling bulk material in its manufacturing process. 

Scorpio Engineering


Aly Nassar

Sales Manager

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Cell phone: +2 010 0095 6183

Email address: aly@eastworld-eg.com

Moaaz Abdelhamid

General Manager

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Cell phone: +2 010 2243 1886

Email address: moaaz@eastworld-eg.com

Ayman Hussein

Technical Manager

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Cell phone: +2 010 0095 6279

Email address: ayman@eastworld-eg.com

Head Office: Block 10087 p10, 5th district,

 Obour City, Cairo

Phone: +2 02 4484 2408

Cell Phone : +2 010 6161 0490

Email : info@eastworld-eg.com

For sales inquiries: sales@eastworld-eg.com  

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